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What Clients are Saying

Our daughter had been losing ground with her mental health for years despite various treatment attempts when we all made the difficult decision to seek inpatient stabilization. When it was time to move to a residential level of care, several programs turned her down because of her suicidality, but Anew was confident they could meet her needs. Leaving her in their care was so tough and there were many difficult, hopeless days ahead, including two additional inpatient admissions, but the clinical team stayed consistent with the message to trust the process and were there every step to educate and support us all.
What we thought would be weeks have turned to months, but we have our happy, motivated, confident daughter back and can finally see a purposeful future for her. Anew has a total family focus that supported us to navigate some rough times, and their consistency has paid off for us all.
Mental illness never goes away, but I think our experience with Anew will leave us much more well equipped to handle the future.  

Leigh Ann

(Mother of Anew client)

I knew immediately that the treatment program Karlyn Pleasants and Kerry Paulson developed in San Diego was right for my sister. For the first time in her life, Robyn was accepted by a large group and quickly made new friends. I think her new sense of community set the stage for success, as did the scheduling and guidelines that provided boundaries for her. 


The program helped me, too. For the first time in years, I was able have a relationship with my sister that wasn’t based on me rescuing her or lecturing her. She was always full of excitement about what was going on in the Hanbleceya community, her new friends, and the outings they went on.


I am particularly grateful to her therapist Megan Harrison. Robyn loved and trusted her, and when the time for family therapy came, I soon learned why. Megan has a truly wonderful gift for hearing and helping people, and she shared helpful hands-on tools for personal growth. In fact, the team that’s moving to Scottsdale from San Diego all contributed in a meaningful way to Robyn’s recovery and growth. My hope is that the families and friends of people in the Scottsdale program are able to finally take a deep breath and relax like I did, and that their loved one blossoms and grows as Robyn did.  

Donna Parham, San Diego

(Sister of former Hanbleceya client)

In the depths of our despair (this was our second son to have become psychotic at 15 years old) we came across Hanbleceya Treatment Center in San Diego and started our conversations with Kerry about what Hanbleceya had to offer.  It was here in their program that my husband and I found real hope for our son, Marc, as it offered a firm but loving and structured program that was exactly what we needed to help him heal.  In exchange for hard work, well-defined expectations and accountability we got our son’s life back. Our family is eternally grateful to Kerry and Karlyn and their program that changed all of our lives for the better. We were so thrilled to learn they are bringing this wonderful facility to the Scottsdale area!

Liz Browning, Texas

(Mother of former Hanbleceya client)

Thank God for Hanbleceya!  Their wonderful program gave me my child back. Its hard to believe my kid is now working for a reputable company making a six-figure salary.  I am so grateful for the program that Karlyn Pleasants and Kerry Paulson created and want to give an emphatic recommendation to all of you out there looking for a treatment center in Arizona.  I’m certain that if Karlyn and Kerry are involved, that it will be a great program.  Thank you! 

Linda L., California

(Mother of former Hanbleceya client)