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The Journey to Anew

1979: The Birth of a New Treatment Paradigm

Hanbleceya, which means Vision Quest in the Sioux language, opened its doors as a small, long-term residential program for adults with Schizophrenia.


The Eighties: A New Transformation in Mental Health

The program offered a safe and sensitive community-based mental health care option, a notable departure from the standard institutionalized settings common during this time. Hanbleceya adopted a traditional therapeutic community model of treatment where individuals lived and worked cooperatively with one another to support healing and recovery.


The Nineties: An Emerging Model of Thoughtful Care

To reach more people, the residential program expanded to include intensive outpatient and supported living services dedicated to fostering independence and personal agency. The diagnostic range extended to include services for mood, anxiety, and co-occurring disorders. A dedicated work incentive network was launched to create opportunities for individuals largely underserved in the academic and vocational arenas. 


In 1997, Anew’s Chief Clinical Advisor, Dr. Karlyn Pleasants, joined the Hanbleceya community and began her rigorous training in this quintessential therapeutic community model, beginning a decades-long immersion in this exclusive clinical field that continues today.


The 2000’s: The Era of Flourishing Growth

In 2005, one of Anew’s managing members, Kerry Paulson, brought forward his exceptional business savvy and along with Dr. Pleasants and a dedicated group of employees, created the Hanbleceya Treatment Center, a full-spectrum system of care that quickly became nationally-known as one of the foremost authorities in comprehensive, wrap-around treatment of individuals and families with complex mental health conditions. 


Nutrition and physical wellness services, equine, and body-based therapies were added. One of the first in the country, our intensive three-day diagnostic assessment practice was made available for individuals and families seeking clarity and guidance on mental illness and the treatment trajectory. Our therapist-in-training initiatives began, a one-of-a-kind training program for learning the specialized practice of therapeutic community and milieu treatment. We launched our exclusive multi-family support program that welcomed families both nationally and internationally. During this time, we also opened our first of several licensed residential facilities to serve individuals that would otherwise require hospitalization.


The 2010’s: The Age of Pioneering Change

Our exponential growth continued into the new decade and established the pathway to what would become the Anew Treatment Center.


We formed Partners in Treatment, a professional collective that brought like-minded mental healthcare providers together to join forces and collaboratively work together to help people connect with services. The Hanbleceya Recovery Network was created with the addition of Helix Healing and Recovery, an intensive, short-term residential treatment option. Our extended outpatient and alumni program began for those who’d completed our programs and wished to stay connected to the community.


2014 was a monumental year in that Anew’s CEO Megan Harrison, Marketing and Admissions Director Michaela Zermeno, and Accounting Manager Nathalia Luz all joined the Hanbleceya team, bringing a tremendous amount of dedication, love, and steadfast commitment that supported the successes of Hanbleceya and upon which the foundation of Anew rests.


In 2017, the partnership sold Hanbleceya and supported its integration into a larger behavioral health network to round out its offerings with the inclusion of a long-term mental health treatment option. The Hanbleceya name was changed at the time as the new parent group sought to establish the program’s new identity in the field.


In 2018, we took our business and treatment model to Tennessee and supported the opening of a sister facility in Nashville. Dr. Pleasants remained involved to help ease the transitions and preserve the fidelity of the timeless Hanbleceya culture through training and mentorship.


As the clinical heart of the treatment program for 25 years, and as one of the nation’s authorities on the therapeutic community approach to complex mental health treatment, Dr. Pleasants presented at over 35 events across the county, sharing her love for therapeutic communities, insights into milieu therapy, and for working with individuals and families to build a life beyond diagnosis.


The 2020’s: A Fresh Start to a Time-Honored Legacy

The Anew Treatment Center is rooted in a rich and enduring legacy that holds at its center the values of belonging, inclusion, belief-in, and empowerment.


Our renewed and revitalized approach takes the well-established therapeutic community paradigm and incorporates a sophisticated staging model that is flexible and adaptable to each individual and family system, ensuring a well-tailored, supportive treatment experience.


Visit the “Our Team” page to meet the talented team that is thrilled to bring our collective and diverse expertise to the Scottsdale community, continuing the time-honored tradition and culture of offering a safe, compassionate space in which to heal, grow, and thrive.

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