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Program Model

Our Sophisticated Staging Model

The Anew Treatment Center offers a variety of care levels to best support the evolutionary process of growth and change. Because change is nonlinear, the flexible, fluid nature of our structure ensures that we can support individuals at all points along the journey toward recovery and health. 


At Anew, our span of supportive care includes:


Clinical Residential Programs

Our licensed behavioral health residences offer a home-like atmosphere, overseen by 24-hour behavioral and nursing staff, where clinical programming takes place onsite. Our clinical residential programs are considered the foundational stage of treatment where the focus rests on stabilizing and establishing one’s basic physiological and psychological needs and begins to lay the groundwork and build the framework for the next phase of the treatment process: increasing awareness, social engagement, self-management skills, and setting goals.


Transitional Residential Support

Clients reside in apartments or houses in the local community with other peers at the same level of care. Clinical programming takes place offsite at the Anew Campus, and program staff regularly visit the residences to support healthy interactions, cooperative living, and shared responsibility for the household. We consider this to be the building and discovery stage of treatment where clients build upon the stability and safety created at earlier stages of care to create a blueprint for individual and family goals, establish supportive relationships, learn and practice new skills for life management, and prepare for greater independence.


Community Transition Curriculum

In this program level, clients live in individual or shared residences in the local neighborhood while attending treatment at the Anew Campus. This stage of the treatment journey is about the consolidation of learned skills and expanding the new skill sets to the larger community. Interdependence and working harmoniously with a supportive social network are key elements to transitioning to independent living.


Outpatient and Alumni Services

Clients who have graduated from Anew’s Community Transition program can receive individualized treatment services at an outpatient level of care at the Anew Campus. The client is part of the Alumni Community where they actively mentor and engage with fellow community members in a manner that provides social and relational support designed to help solidify gains made along the way.