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Personalized Onboarding Process

We thoughtfully structure each individual’s admission and onboarding process based on the circumstances under which treatment is being sought. For example, if an individual seeks to join the Anew Treatment Center following participation in a comprehensive assessment and evaluation, we will coordinate with the evaluating program to streamline admission directly into our orientation schedule followed by housing placement. Alternatively, if an individual has not yet undergone any diagnostic or behavioral evaluation, we will assist in that process in order to help determine the most fitting program and residential needs.


Entering treatment and a new community can be stressful, particularly if an individual and family have been in crisis, are dealing with the recent onset or relapse in a psychiatric condition, and/or have recently been in a hospital or acute care facility. We are highly sensitive to the distress, fears, and concerns that often accompany this time, and therefore are strongly committed to supporting your entrance into the Anew treatment programs to be smooth, encouraging, and hopeful. We are here for you.

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