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Community Transition Curriculum


Upon completion of our Transitional Residential Support program, clients proceed into Community Transition Curriculum, the stage of consolidating learned skills and more extensive integration into the larger community. No longer in Anew’s program housing, clients live independently and attend clinical appointments at the Anew Campus. 

Treatment plans at this stage are centered around supporting the gains made in previous levels of care with a special emphasis on helping prepare the client and their family for the eventual transition out of structured treatment. Interdependence and working harmoniously with a supportive social network are key elements to successful independent living.

Clients participate in approximately 9 hours of clinical services each week at the Anew Campus. Individual, group, and family psychotherapy sessions focus on solidifying gains and preparing plans for next steps (moving, staying local, setting up outside supports as needed, etc.).

Individual care plans include the assessment for readiness to transition fully out of Anew’s structured programs and into the final stage of treatment: Outpatient and Alumni Services. As growth and recovery is an ongoing process, most individuals and their families elect to engage in continued personal and family therapy as a means of sustaining long-term change.